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Update as of May 13, 2022

Genesis Recovery Services provides a hybrid treatment experience with both onsite services and telehealth services for your chemical and mental health needs. If onsite services is not an option for you, you will receive an invitation from your primary counselor or group facilitator to connect for individual sessions and group therapy virtually. If you are seeking mental health services, your primary psychotherapist will reach out to you to schedule your meeting.

Individuals Sessions:

Kathy Jarve: https://www.gomeet.com/kjarve
Matt Whiting: https://www.gomeet.com/matt1
Ashley Peterson: https://www.gomeet.com/apeterson
Michele Fitzgerald: https://www.gomeet.com/mfitzgerald
Paige Anderson: https://www.gomeet.com/panderson
Jac Brown: https://www.gomeet.com/jbrown1
Cameron Fields: https://www.gomeet.com/cfields
Melissa Pederson: https://www.gomeet.com/mpederson

For our virtual clients, group sessions are as follows:




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Therapist offering comfort.

Genesis Recovery Services, LLC: Specializing in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, integrating both chemical and mental health treatment services in an environment that fosters recovery and hope.

The foundation of any great organization is rooted in service; it is the nurturing force which fuels all growth.

Genesis Recovery Vision Statement

Genesis Recovery Services LLC provides therapeutic interventions that are evidence based (empirical value) in a treatment environment that will enhance and enrich the lives of individuals diagnosed with either a chemical health disorder, or a chemical and mental health co-occurring disorder according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual V (DSM-V). Through the recovery process, the recovering individual will gain an understanding of the progression of addiction and recovery through the development and implementation of healthy coping skills to effectively manage this area of their life. This will be accomplished through psycho-education, individual counsel, group psychotherapy, and peer treatment support that address both addictive behaviors and mental illness. In gaining this understanding and knowledge, individuals will be able to apply and implement healthy coping skills along with symptom management skills for both their chemical and mental health diagnosis in an environment that will meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Mission:

To honor all people, from all cultures, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, from all corners of the community, without bias, stigma and discrimination who are assessing recovery services for integrated chemical and mental health disorders that have impeded the quality of their life.